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Feeling Intense Or Passionate Dislike…!!

If we ain’t breathe…!!

Detest the life full of disaster,
Hope not to be in the street full of mud like butter,
Dislike the war in peaceful world,
Despise my beings to recall the tragedy and massacres of our life,
Have an aversion to be in life full of bloodshed and fight,
Loathe those who hide and creep up like insects in the darkest deepest night,
Abhor the people with double face,
We hate the race, we hate the loneliness,
We recoil from the homesick life like trees without leaves,
We feel venomous for the useless life, the hollow valley, plagued by evil rumours,
We are sick of the zigzag way, we are sick with the pendulum life,
We cannot breathe from the storm or the fire that burns our homes, pain for the person who wanders alone with only one shoe,
Shrink away from the hunger that causes death,
Even if we ain’t breathe, we ain’t fight with the same hate,
Detest, despise, and dislike, this hate, this hate..!!

M.Omar A.K.A Dream