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Feeling Intense Or Passionate Dislike…!!

If we ain’t breathe…!!

Detest the life full of disaster,
Hope not to be in the street full of mud like butter,
Dislike the war in peaceful world,
Despise my beings to recall the tragedy and massacres of our life,
Have an aversion to be in life full of bloodshed and fight,
Loathe those who hide and creep up like insects in the darkest deepest night,
Abhor the people with double face,
We hate the race, we hate the loneliness,
We recoil from the homesick life like trees without leaves,
We feel venomous for the useless life, the hollow valley, plagued by evil rumours,
We are sick of the zigzag way, we are sick with the pendulum life,
We cannot breathe from the storm or the fire that burns our homes, pain for the person who wanders alone with only one shoe,
Shrink away from the hunger that causes death,
Even if we ain’t breathe, we ain’t fight with the same hate,
Detest, despise, and dislike, this hate, this hate..!!

M.Omar A.K.A Dream

Call Me Dream This Is My Name

Moonlight in the dark night
I cannot see the way
For moon rays reflecting
Of myriads of stars
In this I feel the colour
As rich as vineyards
With the flavours of rose
That sweeps around my face
In a corridor of green grapes and seashells
So sad and melancholy
Full of lilting and deluding
Everything is satin
Mirrored in my life’s memory
Circles of joyous and carnivals
Interrupted by friends left behind
Forever playing with the dolphins
Among the tempestuous seas
My sights are to return
To my heart made of ochre
Straw wood and clay
I see my lifetime’s spirals
That appear as a night’s dream
In midsummer, I awake
To find the veil of cloudy morns
Full of dew soaked serrated green

M.Omar A.K.A Dream

Refugees In The Jungle Passionate In The Sea

Like the cloudless sky
On a sun filled day!

Like the sleeping child
In a rocking cradle,

Like the sounds of grief
Through her gritted teeth!

Like the skeleton carried
In my darkest deepest sleep!


Like the birth of my child
With a new mother tongue!

Like carrying a heaviness
Over endless trails of fatigue!

Like arriving in my home
Where my tears are my own.

M.Omar A.K.A Dream

My Pelican

He flies over sensitively
Circle moving in the space,
To send the message of peace,
Love and forgiveness
Let him rest in peace until
The day of judgement
Life long
Life meaningless as the colour blue
Allow him to live his greatest life in his kingdom
Liberate him in life after death
Liberate him
Glorify him as he flies on a puristic blue sky
He is divine as a being in grief without light
Controls his feelings to make a peaceful life
Love not war
Your kindness
Your forgiveness
Glorified his existence
Your tolerance makes a life full of rejoicing
As the colour purple.

M.Omar A.K.A Dream