About Me

Mohammed Omar (M O AKA Dream) : I was born in Sudan. I am one of those who borrow heart from the nomadic birds who don’t recognise borders. Currently, I live in London, United Kingdom. I am a highly focused Social Science student, taking a Politics and International Relations degree at the University of East London- Dockland campus. This has been significant to me in developing my observations about the world – my awareness and knowledge about global governance, and how systems are operating around the world.

I have always taken a keen interest in creative writing, prayers and reflections, helping others, organising humanitarian events, and volunteering in my parishes. Similarly, I am very enthusiastic about helping people around me, and very interested in fighting scarcity, conspiracy and prejudice around the world by supporting non-state actors to develop further and to achieve the high level of my own education. I am always wanting to know what was happening in the world, so studying politics and international relations has a real attraction for me.

Many things make me feel content.

While living with my parents, watching them grow old with me, helping them with daily chores, looking after them when they were down, made my heart fill with satisfaction. However, not many children get this chance.

Talking to a best friend. Sometimes friends are better than therapy. Taking a walk or watching plants, skies, nature, and listening to birds’ voices.

I am enthusiastic about reading because it gives me wings; it lets me live a thousand lives when I read. Also, I am very interested in writing. Maybe I should say scribbling, because I write anything, from my day to day activities to small stories, thoughts about whatever that comes to my mind. It is also a great means of mental venting.

I treasure identifying the nature of things. I travel every day by public transport ; sometimes it looks funny and sometimes I learn new things. As well, there are many people travelling, and some of them just want to make stuff up.

I am passionate about plants, nature, the political world, and of course creative writing. So I never regret joining any effort or enterprise, or learning something new.