About Me

While I was young I loved performing, reading and writing, and poetry lessons in the school, then I started reading some pieces of my writing in festivals and carnivals and made everyone laugh and clap! So it was a reassurance for me to keep on writing.

Then as a result of proscription and genocide in Darfur, the great loss of best friends of my childhood and the many circumstances beyond my control over there, it will never ever be good anymore.

I wrote that day and after the bad things happened I write everyday for innocent people whom deserve to be alive forever but day and night they miss their beings and we missed them the best ever. Our life is full of sorrow and gloomy as a graveyard or trees without leaves. Regardless of that I have a dream to write about them.

When I write I feel strong. It gives me hope to keep calm or to be quiet and think about the next, and go after it to change something in my life wisely! It has released my pain, make me think deeply about the shortest life whenever it’s long as well as makes my love grow bigger.

I studied for a BA in literature in my home in Sudan in 2012. Since arriving in the UK, I have informally been a translator for many Sudanese refugees who newly arrived here from Arabic to English and vice versa. I was given asylum in the UK after fleeing my country and granted Refugee Status in May 2016. Now I’m studying a BA Hons in Social Science (Politics and International Relations) at the University of East London.